Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breast Cancer Card

Hi just wanted to give you just a little bio about me, and to let you know how excited and pleased I am to be part of SweetSassyDiva's Design Team!

I started crafts at the ripe age of 7 my grandmother started teaching me to Crochet and Knit, then age 8 she taught me Ceramics, and at the age of 9 she taught me Flower Arranging.  I later on learned how to create Porcelain Dolls and also Macrame'.  I went to College for Computer Programming and Business Administration.  Then, the world of Machine Embroidery fell into my lap and I have been creating and selling my Machine Embroidery Designs on my website since 1998.  I only recently found my way to making cards and scrapbooking and I just love it!

You will find with my projects I love bling.....the more the better!

Recipe for My Breast Cancer Card

1 12x12 sheet of Pink Cardstock
1 12x12 sheet of Soft Green Cardstock
1 12x12 sheet of White Cardstock
1 sentiments stamp
1 printout of graphic - I used 2 graphics from embroidery designs
from our website and combined them together. If you would
like the same graphics the original artwork can be purchased
Inkpad to stamp you sentiment and also to ink your edges on cut
white cardstock
Pink Ribbon
Rhinestone dots
Prima Glitter Rose
Double-sided tape
Popup dots
Aleenes Glue or Hot Glue
Glue Runner

1 Fold pink cardstock in half and then half again to create a 6x6 card. Or you can cut half off
to save on cardstock.

2 Use your Cricut or paper trimmer to cut green cardstock to a 5x5 piece.

3 print your graphic on white card stock measurements should be where the graphic is 4 inches wide...then trim close to graphic on all sides.

4 Use your Cricut or paper trimmer to cut another piece of your white cardstock to 3 inches by 2 1/2 Inches

5 Now place your pink ribbon diagonally on your card where it looks pleasing to you...cut enough excess to wrap around to the back of the card. Run glue runner on back of ribbon and attach to front of card on diagonal and ends attached to the back.

6 Put double-sided tape on back of green cardstock and center on your pink card and press down

7 Ink your edges on both pieces of white card stock both printed and not printed. Now is also when you should use the same ink pad and your sentiments stamp and stamp your sentiment on the non-printed white cardstock piece.

8 Put pop dots on both pieces of white cardstock...printed one I centered in the top middle of green cardstock..stamped white cardstock I off centered to the right to make room for my rose.

9 Glue Prima Glitter Rose to bottom left on green cardstock.

Final step...some bling...oh yes! I added 2 pink rhinestones to the right of the printed area of white cardstock on the green cardstock.

Hope you like the card and if you make some I hope your recipient loves it and it brings them encouragement and hope!

Laura Clayton

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