Monday, November 1, 2010

Whoo Hoo 6 free carts and gypsy update available now!!!!!!!!!

This is taken from the update site

CricutSync below and use it to update your Gypsy Notes:
  1. The Gypsy Firmware file and Content file are not beta versions of software. They are fully tested. No beta software will be installed on your Gypsy. The purpose of this Beta test is to test the CricutSync software and the web service that sends digital content to your Gypsy.
  2. Please make sure that you only have one Gypsy at a time connected to your PC and that you do not have an Imagine connected to your computer.
  3. Please make sure that GypsySync is not running. You can have it installed on your PC but do not run the GypsySync. The best way to make sure that the GypsySync is not running is to restart your computer.

Known Issues:
  1. No Macintosh Support
    • No Macintosh support yet. This is coming soon. Macintosh users will be able to get the free cartridges once the Macintosh version of CricutSync as long as their Gypsy is registered by Oct 31, 2010 at Midnight MDT.


  1. Download the Beta version of the CricutSync here, that will allow you to receive cartridges digitally.
  2. Install the CricutSync software. If you already have a version of the CricutSync software installed on your PC because you are a Cricut Imagine user you will be prompted to replace the old version. Please allow the new version to replace the old version.
  3. Run your CricutSync Software and click Help and then About.
  4. Check to make sure the version of CricutSync is If you do not have this version, please download and install again by clicking the link above.
  5. Connect the Gypsy to your PC and wait for your Gypsy to be detected.
  6. You will be told that there is both a Firmware and a Content update for the Gypsy. Please install both.
  7. Check to make sure that the installation was completed successfully. This can be done in one of two ways.
    • a. When completed with the installation power your Gypsy back on while it is still connected to the PC and with the CricutSync still running. If the update installed properly you will be told that your Gypsy is up to date. If not, you will be told that a Firmware and/or Content update is available. If you are told there is an update available go ahead and install the update.
    • b. When completed with the installation power the Gypsy back on with it disconnected from the PC and click the settings Icon (the picture of the wrench). In the bottom left corner of the settings screen you should see the numbers (0206:0206). If these numbers are different, please reconnect your Gypsy, and restart CricutSync. You should be prompted to update your Gypsy.
  8. Check to see if you have the rights to cut the six cartridges that are part of the November 1, 2010 Gypsy promotion. To do this:
    • a. Disconnect and reconnect the Gypsy from the CricutSync.
    • b. Wait for the CricutSync to tell you your Gypsy is up to date.
    • c. Disconnect the Gypsy from the PC and open the CricutApp on the Gypsy.
    • d. Click the New icon
    • e. Select any mat size
    • f. Go to the keypad screen by click the keypad icon in the lower right of the Gypsy screen.
    • g. Click the cartridge name displayed on the bottom left of the screen
    • h. At the top of the screen, click the down arrow and select Linked Cartridges
    • i. Your list should now display all the cartridges that you previously have linked to your Gypsy but also include the following 6 cartridges
      • Blackletter
      • Christmas
      • Indie Art
      • Printing Press
      • Tags, Bags, Boxes & More
      • Smiley Cards
  9. Please attempt to cut from any of the above listed 6 cartridges.
  10. When done with the above steps please fill out a brief survey.
  11. If you have any general comments please email them to Beta. If you agree to allow us to contact you please include your contact information.

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